penSion Bělá


Ideal place for private celebrations. Closed society. Just friends, family and lots of privacy.


Round, semi-round and certainly quite ordinary birthdays are an occasion for celebration. We will choose together a suitable menu. We will perfectly prepare the festive table. We’ll make sure it goes off without a hitch.


Children’s celebration has its own specifics. Those tigers of yours screaming, running, shoving and a thousand other things that kids just do. If you let them go home, you’ll be recovering for a week. You better come celebrate with us.


Did you close a great deal or is it your colleague’s birthday? A good reason to celebrate in a closed company outside the office and in a beautiful setting.

ladies ride

Ladies, what are we gonna talk about? Ladies’ night out is a lot different than that tearful valley at home in front of the TV. When we get it going, we’re unstoppable. We’ve got the best space for you at our restaurant. Just call and make an appointment.

men's ride

Gentlemen, it’s simple here. Beer and fine spirits will clear your head. Nobody talks to you, you can put your shoes wherever you want, talk about anything. Just be with your friends. So think no more and call for a date.

Additional services

If you want to book music, a photographer, a stripper, or just a singing horse. Whatever is legal and you wish to have at your party. If it’s even a little bit possible we’ll be happy to help you with that.


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